Artificially Intelligent

Any mimicry distinguishable from the original is insufficiently advanced.

  • Fixed Point Theorems

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    Fixed Point Theorems Introduction A fixed point of a function \(f(x)\) is a point such that \(f(x) = x\). Fixed point theorems are theorems that that show that various types of functions have fixed points. Sometimes, they even give you a method for finding those fixed points. Fixed point theorems...

  • The Solomonoff Prior is Malign

    | 5089 words

    Cross posted from LessWrong. This argument came to my attention from this post by Paul Christiano. I also found this clarification helpful. I found these counter-arguments stimulating and have included some discussion of them. Very little of this content is original. My contributions consist of fleshing out arguments and constructing...

  • Death is Bad

    | 563 words

    When I was about 13, I was at a birthday party. Someone started clapping and said: “every time I clap, someone in the world dies.” Someone else called out: “then stop clapping your hands!” Laughter ensued, and the incident was quickly forgotten. While you are reading this sentence, someone in...

  • Stories of my Life

    | 392 words

    Yesterday was my 22nd birthday, marking the end of my 22nd year on Earth. In honor of this, here are 22 stories of my life: When I was one, I locked myself inside the bathroom. My mother once took me shopping and I hid inside a circular clothes rack. Afterwards,...

  • How to Construct Bets

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    Suppose I think event \(E\) is going to happen with 50% chance and my friend thinks that it’s going to happen with 70% chance. Clearly, we should bet on it, but how do we do that? Simple algebraic manipulations suffice to show that a fair bet assuming \(E\) happens at...