Artificially Intelligent

Any mimicry distinguishable from the original is insufficiently advanced.

  • Contextualized Norms

    | 963 words

    There are certain questions you’re not supposed to ask; “do disabled people have less moral weight?”, “does gender correlate with intelligence?”, or “are certain races more prone to violence?” are some examples. People that lack social savviness are really confused by why they aren’t allowed to ask these questions. People...

  • What I Want To Do With My Life

    | 616 words

    Sometimes, people ask me what I want to do with my life. Usually, I say something like “I dunno, currently deciding between industry and grad school.” This answer is not technically false, but it is not the whole truth either. The first deception is that my answer doesn’t answer the...

  • In My Culture

    | 770 words

    Background reading: In My Culture. In my culture, people say what they mean. If we’re deciding what to get for dinner and you say you don’t care, everyone will act as if you literally don’t care. They will decide where to go to dinner and you will be expected to...