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Overly Specific Reviews: Tongue Scrapers, Floss Picks, and Whiteboard Markers

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Most sites review things along dimensions like quality and cost. However, sometimes there are properties that various objects have that are pretty important that don’t get mentioned in reviews. In the spirit of optimizing literally everything, I will present my favorite objects in pretty narrow categories and explain why they are better than other objects in that category.

Tongue Scraper

Tongue scrapers scrape the gunk off your tongue to improve your breath.

  • The best tongue scraper is: DrTung’s Tongue Cleaner
    • Positive properties
      • Has metal perpendicular to your tongue on a wide surface area, so it scrapes the maximum amount possible
      • Is used two handed, so doesn’t strain your wrist
    • Negative properties
      • Rubber metal interface permits a bit of water to seep in, producing mold over time.
    • Tips:
      • You might be tempted to clean the device. This would be a mistake. Buy another one instead.

Floss Picks

Floss picks are for people who want to floss but don’t like using normal floss. Normal floss is worse because it is harder to use and makes your fingers kind of smelly. Normal floss might be better because it lets you floss each tooth gap with fresh floss, allowing for greater cleanliness to be achieved.

  • Best floss picks: Listerine UltraClean Access Flosser
    • Positive properties
    • Negative properties
      • The handle is a bit flimsy, so it tends to flex and snap against your teeth.
        • I’m considering getting a metal one 3D printed, but it is probably too much effort
    • Tips:
      • Instead of using an up and down flosing motion, rotate your wrist to cause one of the edges to move up and down. This should reduce the amount of teeth snapping.

Whiteboard Markers

Whiteboard markers let you think on WALLS instead of inside your tiny brain.

  • Best whiteboard markers: U Brands Low Odor Magnetic Double-Sided Markers
    • Positive properties
    • Negative properties
      • The ink isn’t the best quality ink
      • They’re double sided, so if you leave them stuck vertically on your whiteboard, then the ink will drain out of one of the sides.
      • They’re double sided, so they have half as much ink for each color.
    • Tips
      • You might think that refillable markers are better. This would be a mistake. Just buy more instead.
      • Yellow is a horrible whiteboard marker color, so you should immediately destroy the brown/yellow marker.
        • If possible, I would get only the red/black one and the blue/green one.