Artificially Intelligent

Any mimicry distinguishable from the original is insufficiently advanced.

Resonant Quotations

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There is power in taking ideas seriously. The following quotations are phrases that capture ideas I take extremely seriously. On any given day, it is likely that I think at least one of them. In any given week, it is likely that I think all of them.

Eliezer Yudkowsky

There are no surprising facts, only models surprised by facts.

People become who they are meant to be by doing what is right.

Anna Salamon

Humans are not automatically strategic.


Almost no one is evil; almost everything is broken.

Nate Soares

[Y]ou will be measured only by what actually happens.

Scott Alexander

Somebody has to and no one else will.

Ada Palmer

These bodies have so few senses. How can you be content with less than all?

[N]o finite thing can substitute for lost infinity.

Carl Jung

Modern men cannot find God because they will not look low enough.