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Owning Multiple Copies of Objects Can Reduce Attention Costs

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I own multiple copies of many objects so I have to spend less attention doing things like remembering to bring them places, actually bringing them places, charging them, plugging them into other objects, etc. Examples:

  • Having two pairs of noise canceling headphones means that I don’t have to remember to bring my headphones to work and back.
  • Having a desktop and a laptop computer means that I can bring my laptop to work and not have to bring it back.
    • It also means that I don’t have to plug in my laptop into my monitors at home, which have proven very finicky in the past.
  • Having two sets of bedsheets and towels means that I can have clean copies available when the others are being washed.
    • Importantly, this allows me to use a laundry service that takes about 2 days to wash my laundry.
  • Having two copies of all my toiletries (including razor and electric toothbrush) means I have a fully stocked travel toiletry bag, so I don’t have to remember to pack any toiletries.
  • Having two apple watches means that I always have one charged, so I can just swap them every day. This way I basically always have a watch on my wrist, so I can rely on always having access to my calendar, todo list, etc.
  • Having multiple backpacks means that I can keep things like battery packs/chargers/other useful items in a “travel backpack”, my gym gear in my “gym backpack”, and have a small empty backpack for things like bringing my laptop to work (when I want to take it home).
  • Having multiple bookstands means I don’t have to put books away if I’m reading multiple books at the same time.
  • Having spare copies of all my consumables (lotion, toothpaste, shampoo, vitamins, etc) means that when I run out of the current bottle, I don’t experience any downtime in having those consumables available.

Sometimes, the best thing that you can buy is something that you already own.